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Microsoft Developing A New OS..

It has been an increasingly open affair under the CEO Satya Nadella and Microsoft made another announcement regarding its new software that can run network devices across platforms. It's based on Linux.

Live Streaming App..

This update 1.1.2 for iOS from Periscope is a step closer towards stronger implementation of user privacy. It can now block unwanted messages from users without even letting them know that they have been blocked. This saves you from the repercussions.

Apple To Hike Prices Of Paid..

It was recently announced that the prices of paid apps in the App Store by Apple will be slightly increased. This is to give room for lower budget subscriptions and make good apps more affordable at limited arrangements.

Sony India Announces A Slash In..

PlayStation 4 is perhaps the best doing gaming console since the PS2 that took millions of customers worldwide. Sony has announced a slash in PS4 prices with a new upgraded version.
Tags: Sony IndiaSlashPS4PlayStation 4

Best In Class, Amazon's New..

The best thing to remember about this tablet is that it is just $50 and it does quite a lot compared to any other tablet within this segment and, in some cases, even above. It delivers everything you need for a tablet in the most affordable composition.

Ninebot Mini Released By Xiaomi..

Xiaomi, famous for delivering high grade smartphones, tablets and wearable at affordable and fair prices, has just expanded its reach into other segments like robotics and autonomous vehicles. Ninebot Inc. is a counterpart of the Segway in Beijing, China

Emsisoft Is Back With The New..

Emsisoft has announced the new version of their internet security software. These new security software is very impressive as they take care of all parts of the computer system. They have many advanced features that make them stand out from the rest.

Google Has Started Sending..

There has been several leaks in the past weeks regarding the two new Nexus devices, one from LG and another from Huawei. Google is also supposed to launch its new version of Chromecast in the event.
Tags: GoogleNexus 5XNexus 6P

Nintendo Announces Its Plan to..

Nintendo has finally confirmed that it would be entering the mobile market by developing games for smartphones and tablets. The new mobile games from Nintendo will not be ports from its gaming consoles, 3DS and Wii U.

I Million Bounty & 2 Million..

Zerodium is a startup from VUPEN, infamous for buying and selling zero-day vulnerabilities. It recently is making rounds for launching the greatest ever bounty hunt for security flaws in iOS9.
Tags: Hacking iOS9Zerodium

Microsoft HoloLens: A Genuine..

Amidst all the excitement around virtual reality experiences shared by Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, the HoloLens lost its appropriate share of appreciation. The gadget is a genius combination of connectivity, versatility and entertainment. Microsoft, really knows how to get the basic things right, at times.

Security Flaw In iOS9 Allows..

Tencent recently made a press release notifying that a bug in iOS9 Application has given hackers a way to hack WeChat. However, no user accounts and payment information has been compromised.
Tags: Security FlawiOS9WeChatHackedTencent

About 110k Facebook users have..

About 110k Facebook users, have been infected by a Trojan virus that has been invading most of the popular social networks. The malware has spread as links to pornographic videos that already existed in some user accounts.

Microsoft Has Made Skype A..

If there's anything detrimental to communication, it's the language gap between places. Now, Skype, that launched an inbuilt translator in 2014, in beta, has been fully released for Windows PC users. The messaging app has seen a 400% increase in

Interested In Halo 5?

Players round the world have been complaining of the sluggish download speeds of the most anticipated games for Microsoft Xbox One. The file size is 55GB along with a patch of an additional 9GB that must be downloaded on the very launch day in order to pl

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