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Microsoft Developing A New OS..

It has been an increasingly open affair under the CEO Satya Nadella and Microsoft made another announcement regarding its new software that can run network devices across platforms. It's based on Linux.

MacBook To Microsoft SurfaceBook:..

Apple has been at the top in premium commercial computers for the masses, but, with Microsoft working on its OS for years has patched a lot of ground. With Windows 10 it offers a far greater value within its Surface Pro and SurfaceBook line of laptops.

Interested In Halo 5?

Players round the world have been complaining of the sluggish download speeds of the most anticipated games for Microsoft Xbox One. The file size is 55GB along with a patch of an additional 9GB that must be downloaded on the very launch day in order to pl

Microsoft HoloLens: A Genuine..

Amidst all the excitement around virtual reality experiences shared by Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, the HoloLens lost its appropriate share of appreciation. The gadget is a genius combination of connectivity, versatility and entertainment. Microsoft, really knows how to get the basic things right, at times.

From Microsoft Garage, The..

Microsoft showcases its Project Oxford that leverage machine learning to simply track the user's habits and wakes them up when they are supposed to and keep them up by an awesome playful strategy. This app is available for Android users, as of now.

Microsoft Lays Off Again, Over..

Since the acquisition of Nokia at $7.1 billion, the road has not been so smooth even after a year. Microsoft plans a global restructuring of its phone hardware business, which can affect as much as 7,800 lives worldwide.

Pull Up Your Socks For The..

It has been 25 years since one of the most popular games "Solitaire" was born. It first came with the Windows 3.0 release in 1990 and has been an integrated part of the Windows operating system since. Today, Microsoft is celebrating it with a worldwide co

Microsoft To Launch A Printer For..

An eighth grade student of Indian origin builds a version of a printer that can print in Braille language on a paper that gives haptic feedback with bevelled printing. This caught the attention of Microsoft that wants to integrate it with Windows.

Microsoft Has Made Skype A..

If there's anything detrimental to communication, it's the language gap between places. Now, Skype, that launched an inbuilt translator in 2014, in beta, has been fully released for Windows PC users. The messaging app has seen a 400% increase in

Windows 8 - Shades Of Grey

Windows 8, the portly production of in the excesses of a half a decade of research to manufacture an operating system that possesses the ability to make certain Microsoft's unremitting consequence in a touch-tilting era.

Windows 8 - Playing With Ploys

Windows 8 is the latest version of Windows into the world of operating system. After Windows Vista being failed badly in the market, Windows 7 recaptured the about to be lost glory of Microsoft. The legacy was carried forward by Windows 8.

An app that turns your smartphone..

Recently Microsoft released a new iOS app and is testing the Android version of what is called Office Lens. It can scan any document and send it to your One Drive instantly for sharing and printing.

Windows 8 - A Brief Description

Windows 8 is an operating system which has been fabricated by Microsoft consequently it is an adaptation of Microsoft Windows. It has been designed to be used on personal computers.

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