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MacBook To Microsoft SurfaceBook:..

Apple has been at the top in premium commercial computers for the masses, but, with Microsoft working on its OS for years has patched a lot of ground. With Windows 10 it offers a far greater value within its Surface Pro and SurfaceBook line of laptops.

Windows 8 - Glympses Of Narration

The expansion plan of the operating system Windows 8 was in full swing before delivery of its previous adaptation four years back. With the launching of its previous adaptation the ushering of the subsequent operating system has also been proclaimed with

Windows 8 - Playing With Ploys

Windows 8 is the latest version of Windows into the world of operating system. After Windows Vista being failed badly in the market, Windows 7 recaptured the about to be lost glory of Microsoft. The legacy was carried forward by Windows 8.

Windows 8 - A Brief Description

Windows 8 is an operating system which has been fabricated by Microsoft consequently it is an adaptation of Microsoft Windows. It has been designed to be used on personal computers.

Windows 8 - Shades Of Grey

Windows 8, the portly production of in the excesses of a half a decade of research to manufacture an operating system that possesses the ability to make certain Microsoft's unremitting consequence in a touch-tilting era.

Facebook at Work Debut With..

Facebook at Work was released earlier this year tailored to the ethics and norms of business users and office colleagues in an in-house social network. It is an enterprise edition created keeping the employees in mind, and the best way to socialize among

Google & Tata Trusts To Offer..

India is the third largest developer community in the world; Google aims to invest in providing affordable access to high quality add development courses and certifications through Android Nanodegrees.

About 110k Facebook users have..

About 110k Facebook users, have been infected by a Trojan virus that has been invading most of the popular social networks. The malware has spread as links to pornographic videos that already existed in some user accounts.

Over 1000 Hours of Wireless Call..

The blue wire is the latest device in the marketplace that has done more than enough to create a buzz for quite some time. Based on Bluetooth 4.0, it can record calls on both sides, even with a different Bluetooth headset for more than 1000 hours on a sin

Microsoft Has Made Skype A..

If there's anything detrimental to communication, it's the language gap between places. Now, Skype, that launched an inbuilt translator in 2014, in beta, has been fully released for Windows PC users. The messaging app has seen a 400% increase in

Microsoft To Launch A Printer For..

An eighth grade student of Indian origin builds a version of a printer that can print in Braille language on a paper that gives haptic feedback with bevelled printing. This caught the attention of Microsoft that wants to integrate it with Windows.

Pull Up Your Socks For The..

It has been 25 years since one of the most popular games "Solitaire" was born. It first came with the Windows 3.0 release in 1990 and has been an integrated part of the Windows operating system since. Today, Microsoft is celebrating it with a worldwide co

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