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Microsoft Developing A New OS..

It has been an increasingly open affair under the CEO Satya Nadella and Microsoft made another announcement regarding its new software that can run network devices across platforms. It's based on Linux.

Emsisoft Is Back With The New..

Emsisoft has announced the new version of their internet security software. These new security software is very impressive as they take care of all parts of the computer system. They have many advanced features that make them stand out from the rest.

Google Has Started Sending..

There has been several leaks in the past weeks regarding the two new Nexus devices, one from LG and another from Huawei. Google is also supposed to launch its new version of Chromecast in the event.
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Sony India Announces A Slash In..

PlayStation 4 is perhaps the best doing gaming console since the PS2 that took millions of customers worldwide. Sony has announced a slash in PS4 prices with a new upgraded version.
Tags: Sony IndiaSlashPS4PlayStation 4

Nintendo Announces Its Plan to..

Nintendo has finally confirmed that it would be entering the mobile market by developing games for smartphones and tablets. The new mobile games from Nintendo will not be ports from its gaming consoles, 3DS and Wii U.

Apple To Hike Prices Of Paid..

It was recently announced that the prices of paid apps in the App Store by Apple will be slightly increased. This is to give room for lower budget subscriptions and make good apps more affordable at limited arrangements.

Live Streaming App..

This update 1.1.2 for iOS from Periscope is a step closer towards stronger implementation of user privacy. It can now block unwanted messages from users without even letting them know that they have been blocked. This saves you from the repercussions.

Best In Class, Amazon's New..

The best thing to remember about this tablet is that it is just $50 and it does quite a lot compared to any other tablet within this segment and, in some cases, even above. It delivers everything you need for a tablet in the most affordable composition.

Gamer Hotels Coming Up In..

A new bunch of categories has to be added among hotels and lodging finder websites as a niche called "gamer hotels" is rapidly creeping up the metropolis in Amsterdam. The Arcade Hotel is the first one of its kind, started in Amsterdam, Netherland.

WhatsApp Has Become Free Forever..

This news came from New Delhi after the Facebook held company noticed slower growth after the inception of 0.99 cents subscription fee post the first year of free usage, especially in the developing countries. Thus, WhatsApp is now completely free for lifetime.

Batman: Arkham Knight Is Finally..

Rock-steady has finally released the much awaited third installment of Batman video game that introduces a new mysterious enemy, Scarecrow. Gotham has grown like three times in size and you finally have the Batmobile.

An app that turns your smartphone..

Recently Microsoft released a new iOS app and is testing the Android version of what is called Office Lens. It can scan any document and send it to your One Drive instantly for sharing and printing.

Use of Drone Technology Rises in..

People have experimented with drones in the past. This technology looks very promising. With the recent news about the use of drones to monitor the farms, farmers look to introduce drones in their everyday farming activities. Drones will now be used in th

YouTube Does It Again.

Re/Code reports Google is rolling out its 2013 scheme of advertisement free videos on YouTube at some monthly subscription tomorrow. 2013 was a pilot study, which is expected to become mainstream soon if we go with the scattered news. In an event today th

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