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Facebook Is Soon To Release An..

In an attempt to create a complete ecosystem with its messaging app, Facebook is beta testing a full-blown web browser in its app for iOS and later for Android in a few months following it. It shall help users to visit sites without leaving the Facebook app.

Instagram Surpasses Twitter With..

Instagram, now unfortunately owned by Facebook surpassed 400 million users, just behind Facebook at 700 million in app users, worldwide, and over 75% users outside USA. This is a remarkable feat for its founders.

Live Streaming App..

This update 1.1.2 for iOS from Periscope is a step closer towards stronger implementation of user privacy. It can now block unwanted messages from users without even letting them know that they have been blocked. This saves you from the repercussions.

An app that turns your smartphone..

Recently Microsoft released a new iOS app and is testing the Android version of what is called Office Lens. It can scan any document and send it to your One Drive instantly for sharing and printing.

Real Time Apps And Modularity Are..

Java 9 is to come out with a sleeker looking Modular Java. The safety-critical Java has its focus purely on real time systems. The Modular Java has been redesigned to reduce its complexity, says Ben Evans, the Java Community Process Executive Committee me

Spotify App Arrives on..

The first ever console app was launched on 29 March 2015 by the popular music streaming service called Spotify and the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 console users are the first beneficiaries of this Spotify console app. The name of this Spotify console

Sony India Announces A Slash In..

PlayStation 4 is perhaps the best doing gaming console since the PS2 that took millions of customers worldwide. Sony has announced a slash in PS4 prices with a new upgraded version.
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Best In Class, Amazon's New..

The best thing to remember about this tablet is that it is just $50 and it does quite a lot compared to any other tablet within this segment and, in some cases, even above. It delivers everything you need for a tablet in the most affordable composition.

Interested In Halo 5?

Players round the world have been complaining of the sluggish download speeds of the most anticipated games for Microsoft Xbox One. The file size is 55GB along with a patch of an additional 9GB that must be downloaded on the very launch day in order to pl

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