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Google & Tata Trusts To Offer..

India is the third largest developer community in the world; Google aims to invest in providing affordable access to high quality add development courses and certifications through Android Nanodegrees.

Is Google Gaming Search Results?

Quite recently Google has been clouded with gaming its search results by the E.U. Now, Indian companies are making serious accusations and filing to CCI, the Competitive Commission of India.

Google Has Started Sending..

There has been several leaks in the past weeks regarding the two new Nexus devices, one from LG and another from Huawei. Google is also supposed to launch its new version of Chromecast in the event.
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A Wristband Can Detect Cancer,..

Google has been devoting time and money to research in the medical field trying to create a wristband that can detect cancer cells in the human body just as they appear.

After Google, Uber Joins The..

It is not just hardware, but also truly compatible software that is crucial for developing driverless cars, simply because of inherent issues to build human-like systems. After Google, BMW and Mahindra, Uber also joins in the revolution.

Google Search Results To Show..

Recently, Google and Twitter have teamed up to form an agreement for integrating tweets into Google search results via mobile web and Google App. Their tieup will give you real-time search results and will help Twitter revive from their current sluggish s

Security Researchers Will Still..

In a recent blog post by Google it revealed its plans for launching a research grant for security researchers, particularly independent ones, located anywhere in the world for finding security flaws in its products and services and will be paid, whatsoeve

How Smartphones Are Making Smart..

In a recent survey conducted by Google, mcgarrybowen and Kraft foods, it was found that smartphones are making around 59% of women aged between 24 to 35 more inclined towards cooking

Survival Island 3 Dubbed As..

Survival Island 3 depicts killing of native Australian's also known as aborigines which lead to massive uproar among users and more than 65,000 people signed a petition to take it down. Both Apple iTunes and Google Play store take down the app after condemning responses from users.

YouTube Does It Again.

Re/Code reports Google is rolling out its 2013 scheme of advertisement free videos on YouTube at some monthly subscription tomorrow. 2013 was a pilot study, which is expected to become mainstream soon if we go with the scattered news. In an event today th

With CISA Ready For Vote By..

The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act is under consideration in the USA and a lot of companies like Apple are making their position firmer to prioritize customer privacy over security. The law has also been opposed by Google, Facebook, Yahoo and more.

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