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Gamer Hotels Coming Up In..

A new bunch of categories has to be added among hotels and lodging finder websites as a niche called "gamer hotels" is rapidly creeping up the metropolis in Amsterdam. The Arcade Hotel is the first one of its kind, started in Amsterdam, Netherland.

Nintendo Announces Its Plan to..

Nintendo has finally confirmed that it would be entering the mobile market by developing games for smartphones and tablets. The new mobile games from Nintendo will not be ports from its gaming consoles, 3DS and Wii U.

Playful Could Be The Next..

Playful Corp is leading the path for bringing virtual reality games to devices such as Oculus, PlayStation VR and many more. Their first game designed especially for the 3D VR platform Lucky’s Tale has raised $25 million in latest series of funding.

Halo 5 Is All Set To Release On..

Each time a Halo was released, it was always a moment in the history of gaming. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox One division, wishes to do the same this time too, when releasing the much awaited game, Halo 5.

Yet Another Year & IO Interactive..

Considered to be the sixth entry into the world renowned series from IO Interactive, HITMAN, a global assassination simulator game, has been postponed until March 2016. This has been the biggest franchise of the gaming major.

Batman: Arkham Knight Is Finally..

Rock-steady has finally released the much awaited third installment of Batman video game that introduces a new mysterious enemy, Scarecrow. Gotham has grown like three times in size and you finally have the Batmobile.

Pull Up Your Socks For The..

It has been 25 years since one of the most popular games "Solitaire" was born. It first came with the Windows 3.0 release in 1990 and has been an integrated part of the Windows operating system since. Today, Microsoft is celebrating it with a worldwide co

Interested In Halo 5?

Players round the world have been complaining of the sluggish download speeds of the most anticipated games for Microsoft Xbox One. The file size is 55GB along with a patch of an additional 9GB that must be downloaded on the very launch day in order to pl

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