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News:Instagram Surpasses Twitter With Over 400 Million Users Worlwide.


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Instagram Surpasses Twitter With Over 400 Million Users Worlwide.

Instagram Surpasses Twitter With Over 400 Million Users Worlwide.

Instagram Surpasses Twitter With Over 400 Million Users Worlwide. screenshot
By Date: 30 Sep 2015
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Instagram, now unfortunately owned by Facebook surpassed 400 million users, just behind Facebook at 700 million in app users, worldwide, and over 75% users outside USA. This is a remarkable feat for its founders.

 Instagram is a photo sharing application that lets you take pictures and share it within your community and circles along with a host of other features that can only be experienced when you try it out. It was, unfortunately, bought by Facebook in 2012 which was lucky to foresee its popularity and is now the proud owner of the rising social media. Instagram has surpassed Twitter by over 80 million users and is far ahead of many other similar applications like Snapchat and also quite ahead in any application category. This is a really proud moment for the founders of the company.

 - Facebook started monetizing the application with advertisements and earns around 2.6 billion annually. 

 This makes Facebook the winner of all major social media applications including its own Facebook, Messenger with 700 million users and Instagram being just behind it with 400 million marks. However, WhatsApp is the first one and leading with 900 million users and is soon expected to have a billion users, that is a significant chunk of the world’s population. Facebook also owns WhatsApp, fortunately. In a blog post Instagram writes that over 75% of its users as well as more than half of the recently added 100 million people belong to Europe, Asia, Brazil, Indonesia and Japan. This demographic gives a better view of the emerging markets and a data analysis will help Facebook concentrate its resources further to add more users. 

 The free internet concept of Facebook, internet.org, is one such initiative to expand to the remotest populations of the world. Currently, Instagram has incorporated even more complex services like video sharing along with photo sharing. It helps you to keep your circles updated and share your life with them as it happens and as it goes by and get updates on the same from others. The interface is simple as you need to click a picture or shoot a video and send it via a private message or share it on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and many other social media. This is a social networking model based on entirely visual connection and media. It is currently available on the App Store and Play Store and is a free to use application.

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