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News:Google Search Results To Show Real-Time Updates Via Twitter Integration.


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Google Search Results To Show Real-Time Updates Via Twitter Integration.

Google Search Results To Show Real-Time Updates Via Twitter Integration.

Google Search Results To Show Real-Time Updates Via Twitter Integration. screenshot
By Date: 25 May 2015
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Recently, Google and Twitter have teamed up to form an agreement for integrating tweets into Google search results via mobile web and Google App. Their tieup will give you real-time search results and will help Twitter revive from their current sluggish s

 This facility will first roll out for the mobile devices and Google App users and later will be made available for desktop versions. It will also start migrating to other countries starting from US and UK said Jana Messerschmidt. This is not the first time that tweets will be displayed in Google Search results or the first since their deal ended in 2011. Tweets were always there since their agreement in 2009 that was ended in 2011 and even after that but, this is a renew of their tieup with better and deeper integration. So, now it will show more of that since before. The way it will help you is that you supposedly want to find something about the show #Madmen, then a Google Search result will also list out the current tweets in real-time about the upcoming weekend show and perhaps the last episode. 

 In the same way, if you were interested in hearing something about latest Bollywood releases or from Taylor Swift, a simple Google Search will show what all people are gossiping about and what tweets were currently made by her. Googles product development head Adan Arac confirmed by saying that it is always a great way to receive real-time results about what you are searching for and tweets are the only way to do that. This is supposed to generate tremendous traffic for Twitter that has been struggling recently to create revenues and increase their market base.

 In some way Google who is also scared of only one company called Baidu, another search giant, is making itself more immune to the competitive market. Microsofts Bing also has a similar functionality to show Twitter messages in its search results. This news was also commented by Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land saying that this deal that incorporates graphical display of tweets in the results page will surely lead to more traffic for Twitter but it is not sure if they will make any profits out of this deal or if they were to get any share of the revenues generated by it.

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