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News:Best In Class, Amazon's New Fire $50 Tablet Packs A Lot Of Punch.


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Best In Class, Amazon's New Fire $50 Tablet Packs A Lot Of Punch.

Best In Class, Amazon's New Fire $50 Tablet Packs A Lot Of Punch.

Best In Class, Amazon's New Fire $50 Tablet Packs A Lot Of Punch. screenshot
By Date: 24 Oct 2015
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The best thing to remember about this tablet is that it is just $50 and it does quite a lot compared to any other tablet within this segment and, in some cases, even above. It delivers everything you need for a tablet in the most affordable composition.

 It is possible to give your kid one of Amazons Fire $50 tablets and stop worrying about losing them or damaging them. In fact, Amazon gives you 6 for the price of 5. Now that is truly amazo(i)ng. Now, combine it with the world renowned customer service and support, the over 38 million collection of its books, movies and titles, and a few new first of its kind features on the tablet makes it a must purchase and value for money product of the millennium.  The tablet was in rumors for quite a time and we get to see it now. The look is simple and boxy and weighs 11 ounces, which is quite heavy compared to those $200 tablets like its own Amazon Fire HD and Apple iPad.  The thickness is around 0.4 inches, which is quite reasonable because it packs older components that require more space. The device boasts a good resolution screen for bright, crisp display at 171 ppi which is incredible at this price range. 

 It also boasts dual camera with a 2 megapixel rear and VGA front camera ideal for video calls. There has been a little compromise with the battery segment as it provides over 7 hours of mixed usage that is even comparable to those which cost around 5 times its price. It comes with the latest Fire OS 5 and provides a very innovative interface allowing you to navigate through stuffs, apps and content on Amazon Store very effectively. It packs 8 gigs of memory that is extensible to 128GB, which is also combined with unlimited cloud storage on Amazon web servers automatically. Amazon also promises that with a software update that is coming soon one can store their Amazon Prime content directly on the SD cards. It also boasts single band WiFi that is optimized to work faster than many dual band WiFi enabled devices.

 In all, the $50 Amazon Fire set fire across the industry that is bullying with incredible pricey tablets offering a little bit more than this at about 5 times the price value.

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