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News:IS-CERT Found Doubled The Number of Cyber Attacks in the USA in 2015.


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IS-CERT Found Doubled The Number of Cyber Attacks in the USA in 2015.

IS-CERT Found Doubled The Number of Cyber Attacks in the USA in 2015.

IS-CERT Found Doubled The Number of Cyber Attacks in the USA in 2015. screenshot
By Date: 16 Jan 2016
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The Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team or IS-CERT offers vigilance over the cyber-attacks on industrial automation processes and networks in the USA and investigate possible threats. A recent report from the Department of Homeland Security shows doubled attacks in 2015.

 As the industry moves towards automation and internet enabled processes, termed as IoTs, the world is also inching closer towards a more vulnerable future prone to cyber-attacks, bullies and hack of control systems, networks and sensitive information. A very recent news highlighted a series of hacks in Ukraine that took hold of its power lines leading to a shutdown of the entire power infrastructure that was dependent on the very same it.

 It was not far from this place that the USAs Department of Homeland Security also identified a 100% rise in cyber-attacks on industrial systems, automation processes, manufacturing industries that depend on massive networks for their daily operations. It is not difficult to imagine that a compromise in security or hack of control can result in billions worth of damage to all its related consumers. These include all types of industries ranging from heavy machinery to communication service providers, where a compromise in the security can be very critical for even years to come.

 This investigating agency, IS-CERT, claims to have investigated 97 incidents of serious cyber-attacks at some of the critical manufacturing industries in the year 2015 ending on September 30. The list included makers of automobiles, transport equipment, aviation industry and also manufacturers of general machinery, electrical equipment and metals. The DHS noted that the widespread increase that almost doubles the number compared to the previous year is attributed to spear-phishing and malware attacks targeted to corrupt critical manufacturing units. Furthermore, these 97 were just one-third of the total number of threats received by the agency. The total number was around 295 in the fiscal year with a 20% increase. This list was followed by the energy industry with 25 serious cases and the waste-water management industry with 23 serious cases of cyber-attacks. IS-CERTs chief Marty Edwards commented that these attacks have surely been propelled due to their connection with the internet that makes it so accessible to malicious hackers.

 In essence, security is not just concerned with the apps on your smart phone, but also to the other industries that are indirectly connected with the internet.

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