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News:Facebook Wins Users' Privacy Breach Lawsuit Claims Of $15 Billion.


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Facebook Wins Users' Privacy Breach Lawsuit Claims Of $15 Billion.

Facebook Wins Users' Privacy Breach Lawsuit Claims Of $15 Billion.

Facebook Wins Users' Privacy Breach Lawsuit Claims Of $15 Billion. screenshot
By Date: 25 Oct 2015
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In 2012 plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against Facebook of allegedly tracking user activity and browser information even they were logged off from Facebook. It had breached the US Wire Tap Act and demanded a compensation of $15 billion.

 Three layers had been representing these plaintiffs in San Jose, where they had been fighting in the court against Facebook with severe users privacy violation charges. They argued that Facebook was illegally gathering users private data, including personal email messages, browsing history and tracking them even after they had logged off from the social-networking site. This has impacted the lives of all users across 10 states in the US including California, Alabama and Texas who subscribed to the social networking site between May 2010 and September 2011. Thus, in all the plaintiffs were represented about 150 million users and demanded a compensation for the damages, calculated according to the famous Wiretap Act, a sum of $15 billion.

 Facebook has often been charged and has been under strict scrutiny of the US and EU regulators of late when many such user privacy violation cases had been filed in separate occasions. The claims apprehend that Facebook has been using facial recognition technology to amass the worlds largest collection of users private biometric data, which can be used for many profitable reasons in the future. However, the plaintiffs were not able to provide any concrete proof of how these data were collected, where were they stored and how they impacted or harmed them economically. This resulted in the dismissal of the case after 3 years of hearing by US district judge Edward J. Davilla. 
 - Davilla also mentioned in the absence of any realistic harm that the plaintiffs were not able to produce he is forced to dismiss the case in favor of Facebook. Although, they may revise the allegations, acquire more evidence and re-apply the lawsuit by 30 November. 

 Vanessa Chan, who is a spokeswoman for Facebook based in Menlo Park, California, said in an email that they were pleased with the courts ruling. There were no comments on behalf of the plaintiffs lawyers. Brown, a lawyer representing Facebook, had argued before Davilla that their allegations utterly lacked any injury to the particular named in the plaintiffs and, therefore, should be dismissed altogether. It seems that Facebook finally won a battle in users privacy protection due to lack of evidence.

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