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News:Windows 8 - Playing With Ploys


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Windows 8 - Playing With Ploys

Windows 8 - Playing With Ploys

By Date: 31 Jan 2015
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Windows 8 is the latest version of Windows into the world of operating system. After Windows Vista being failed badly in the market, Windows 7 recaptured the about to be lost glory of Microsoft. The legacy was carried forward by Windows 8.

  After being launched in the market, it started to gain a supreme level of appreciation from the consumers worldwide. But gradually annoyance started to be built up around the consumer market regarding the usage of Windows 8. Traditional, Windows users were finding it difficult to cope with the innovative changes those were incorporated in the latest version of Windows, i.e. Windows 8. Here comes the scope of this article. Here a few basic plots of Windows 8 will be shown. This will help towards experiencing the new world of Windows 8. Generally other versions of Windows use the text for password related security features. But for the machines having the touchscreen facility can go further in this measure by using the “picture password” mechanism of Windows 8. All that has to be done is to decide on a graphic image, and subsequently confirm three signs lying on the same. These signs are then combined with a string of characters, which can be used as a password. These strings of characters are called assign codes.

 Getting rid of traditional control panel mechanism is a new characteristic of Windows 8. Naming a folder by the class id of control panel will bring forth a comprehensive set of features, those are not to be found easily in any other operating systems. This "God Mode" facility enables users to facilitate safeguarding and smooth operation of computers. To get a feel of the tablet while using desktop or laptop computers, "Title Management" facility has been provided in this version of Windows. Other than going by the traditional start menu facility, this special feature enables users to manage their mostly used titles by simply dragging and dropping. Almost similar feature, but in a traditional manner has also been provided via "Quick Access Menu". This will assist the users to navigate through the various hardware and software management facilities. It is also beneficial in tracking down the malware, those run in the background of the operating system. Users dont find any excitement using the traditional shut down or restart button. Windows 8 enables users to create their own shortcut buttons for both the operations and they can incorporate these as titles in the "Title Management" facility.

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