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News:Interested In Halo 5? You Have To Exhibit Extreme Patience, Microsoft.


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Interested In Halo 5? You Have To Exhibit Extreme Patience, Microsoft.

Interested In Halo 5? You Have To Exhibit Extreme Patience, Microsoft.

Interested In Halo 5? You Have To Exhibit Extreme Patience, Microsoft. screenshot
By Date: 09 Nov 2015
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Players round the world have been complaining of the sluggish download speeds of the most anticipated games for Microsoft Xbox One. The file size is 55GB along with a patch of an additional 9GB that must be downloaded on the very launch day in order to pl

 The most anticipated game of the year, Halo 5, has been attracting the frustration and abuse of gamers around the world since yesterday, as their downloads have been extremely sluggish to the point of tipping of their patience. The new release for Microsoft Xbox One requires you to download around 55GB, available only digitally, that is further topped with an additional download of 9GB as a patch for playing online. This additional download has to be done on the launch day itself, you wish to play it online. What is really frustrating about this procedure is that making it all dependent on the internet speed and speed of the servers makes it vulnerable to all such issues beginning with traffic, server failure and more.

 Let us share some of the tweets players have made obtained with the courtesy of BBC.  One such frustrated twitter user shared "7 and a [sic] half hours later and halo 5 hasnt finish game installation download... [Never mind] the online updates,". In a similar tone there were a few others on Reddit that said that the download showed that it was stuck at 85%, but it was only sheer luck that a few hours later, after ignoring the message, the download was completed. These are two examples that illustrate how unreliable software might be, because if the user had restarted it thinking it was actually stuck he would have lost nearly 7 to 8 hours of effort. In a similar case a user had placed the download only to find 10 hours later that it had just completed over 35%.

 It was not long before a spokeswoman representing Microsoft came defending their spot saying that the "guardians are normal and working as intended" Nevertheless, analysts from HIS such as Piers Harding-Rolls commented on the issue of digital downloads that are vulnerable to internet traffic and lots of other issues that come inevitably with the internet. This helps keep releases updated more easily, but are problematic in distribution and ensuring reliable delivery to the client computer, proper installation, and game play.

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