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News:Sony India Announces A Slash In PS4 Prices & A New 1TB Model.


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Sony India Announces A Slash In PS4 Prices & A New 1TB Model.

Sony India Announces A Slash In PS4 Prices & A New 1TB Model.

Sony India Announces A Slash In PS4 Prices & A New 1TB Model. screenshot
By Date: 28 Sep 2015
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PlayStation 4 is perhaps the best doing gaming console since the PS2 that took millions of customers worldwide. Sony has announced a slash in PS4 prices with a new upgraded version.

 Its current prices in developing countries like India, also the largest markets, are around 39k and they are going to get a slash or a reduction in the tag in mid-October. It has been confirmed by sources to Gadgets 360 that the reduction would be by 5k which means that it will bring its gaming console to around 34k, roughly. However, this is going to be a double-ended sword as Sony is supposed to launch a new 1TB model simultaneously, which will be somewhat similarly priced at the current tag. 

 This is supposed to attract customers to buy the new upgraded version compared to the older one. It is more of a marketing strategy than a charitable scheme. The 1TB model is already available in other regions and it is only fitting to finally release it here as a secondary option tagged at the same MRP. The MRP of 40k is the base version and seem to be non-existent since Sony plans to bundle up the device with games and this will surely increase its cover price.

 - A price drop seems very logical as the console has been doing pretty good since January 2013 and just in the nick of time, in Diwali, people would like to upgrade to a newer version or make older PlayStaions upgrade to the lower priced 500GB version.

 There is also an option to increase it to 2TB with an additional 8k and buy the current model priced at 35k to 36k at online and offline stores. When the MRP is slashed to around 34k, you can get in at nearly 32k and then consider including a 2TB laptop drive and increase its capacity. 

 - Thus, either way you will end up spending something close to 40k.

 If you havent yet had a chance to experience gaming on a PS4, try picking up one this Diwali. At least the price comparisons must have nudged you to consider it for a while. PS4 is a gaming console for graphic intensive games that is far superior to mobile and laptop gaming experiences. They employ richest graphics, 3D models, and realistic renders and immerse you in the world of games.

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