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News:Yet Another Year & IO Interactive Delays HITMAN Absolution Till 2016.


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Yet Another Year & IO Interactive Delays HITMAN Absolution Till 2016.

Yet Another Year & IO Interactive Delays HITMAN Absolution Till 2016.

Yet Another Year & IO Interactive Delays HITMAN Absolution Till 2016. screenshot
By Date: 29 Sep 2015
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Considered to be the sixth entry into the world renowned series from IO Interactive, HITMAN, a global assassination simulator game, has been postponed until March 2016. This has been the biggest franchise of the gaming major.

 Hitman is possibly the biggest venture undertaken at IO Interactive, that is, not just in terms of the ambition, but also in terms of the size game world. It was posted by a developer on their official website along with confirming the decision they had taken regarding the delay. It also mentioned that it was a hard and "difficult" one to make but considering that they would not leave any stones unturned compromising with the best possible experience possible for the user. In order to make things concrete they have, sort of, leased another 6 to 8 months from their fans worldwide and considering the initial release in March 2016.

 - When the matter is about user experience and creativity, there is always an empty room to be filled. Nothing can ever be too much, if though in the right direction.

 This release is supposed to be the sixth installment in the series, considering the big budget PC gaming and gaming consoles as their platform. Apart from them, there were two other small releases, that is, Hitman Go and Hitman: Sniper targeted solely towards mobile users and that does not count at all when compared to the PC releases. These are simply magnanimous and unchartered where every die-hard fan waits just for a glimpse.

 That being said, IO Interactive developers say that these few extra months will go into adding more to the launch content of the game, than that they had originally planned. It also means a more frequent update cycle, enabling users to take the best advantage, creating a better game for everyone. If we take the words from the reviewers, the delay was an inevitable option because they have released two separate models for their upcoming release. 

 - One is the Single Player mode, and the other being a Business Mode, where the users start playing upfront and the digital content is delivered to them consistently as they play and proceed.

 It has caught the attention at every gaming event, including Gamescon 2015. Thus, having made everyone curious about another ambitious adventure and yet preserving the familiarity should allow ever more adaption of the next release, Hitman Absolution.

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