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News:Survival Island 3 Dubbed As Racist And Pulled Down After Uproar Over Killing.


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Survival Island 3 Dubbed As Racist And Pulled Down After Uproar Over Killing.

Survival Island 3 Dubbed As Racist And Pulled Down After Uproar Over Killing.

Survival Island 3 Dubbed As Racist And Pulled Down After Uproar Over Killing. screenshot
By Date: 22 Jan 2016
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Survival Island 3 depicts killing of native Australian's also known as aborigines which lead to massive uproar among users and more than 65,000 people signed a petition to take it down. Both Apple iTunes and Google Play store take down the app after condemning responses from users.

 A video game has once again gained attention from the world because of its graphic elements and story composition behind a survival strategy in Australia. As the story goes, you have to beware from Australian Aborigines and kill them to save your life, and thats why the game has been aptly named Survival Island 3. However, it seems that the game has been removed from all mobile stores following uproar over its story plot, citing that promoting the killing of native Australians is not a game but a racist ideology expressed through an entertaining medium. It was condemned severely through a written petition by more than 65,000 people. This forced officials of both Apple iTunes and Google Play store to take down the app immediately with effect.

 Along with the petition titled "killing indigenous Australians is not a game" was served at change.org and duly signed by more than 65,000 asking to be pulled from the mobile stores. It further added that selling games that promote racism and a negative stereotype perspective of indigenous Australians is not acceptable. Some even considered it abominable referring to beyond racist ideology. The petition was immediately put into effect on mid-Saturday. 

 As of comments from Google Spokeswomen, they are to pull down applications that violate their policies, however, did not provide any comments on the game itself. But the responses from Apple or the games developer were even worse than that of Google since none of them could be reached for any comments.

 Australian Aboriginals have suffered a lot of social isolation, imprisonment, very low educations, medical neglect, low life expectancy and neglect since the British era where their population has reduced by more than half. This is the prime reason why there are major organizations fighting for their rights like Australias Race Discrimination Commissioner. Its chief Tim commented on Twitter that such kinds of games are completely unacceptable that show hatred towards an already deprived community. Independently, human rights activist Bianca Jagger also commented that she found it despicable to see such type of games crawling for entertainment.

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