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Ericsson Innovation Awards Select..

There were total 67 projects submitted for this competition, which Ericsson organizes in collaboration with IIT Delhi. A device named Guardian by IIT Delhi students becomes the winner. It is targeted towards women's safety.

Microsoft To Launch A Printer For..

An eighth grade student of Indian origin builds a version of a printer that can print in Braille language on a paper that gives haptic feedback with bevelled printing. This caught the attention of Microsoft that wants to integrate it with Windows.

Facebook Introduces 2G Tuesdays..

It was recently announced that Facebook will make its employees run their apps like Messenger & Facebook on a simulated 2G network for an hour on Tuesdays in order to give them a feel of what millions of people experience in emerging markets.

Survival Island 3 Dubbed As..

Survival Island 3 depicts killing of native Australian's also known as aborigines which lead to massive uproar among users and more than 65,000 people signed a petition to take it down. Both Apple iTunes and Google Play store take down the app after condemning responses from users.

Panasonic Strikes Again With..

Panasonic has catered to the worldwide need for the most rugged and tough laptops and hand-held devices that can be used by people working in defense, logistics, public safety, manufacturing and other utilitarian services.

SynQuiz Can Now Identify Patients..

Four in every hundred people suffer from a rare condition called Synaesthesia where they perceive differently than others using their sense organs. Hence, Radboud University launches SynQuiz.

Real Time Apps And Modularity Are..

Java 9 is to come out with a sleeker looking Modular Java. The safety-critical Java has its focus purely on real time systems. The Modular Java has been redesigned to reduce its complexity, says Ben Evans, the Java Community Process Executive Committee me

Use of Drone Technology Rises in..

People have experimented with drones in the past. This technology looks very promising. With the recent news about the use of drones to monitor the farms, farmers look to introduce drones in their everyday farming activities. Drones will now be used in th

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