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Instagram Surpasses Twitter With..

Instagram, now unfortunately owned by Facebook surpassed 400 million users, just behind Facebook at 700 million in app users, worldwide, and over 75% users outside USA. This is a remarkable feat for its founders.

WhatsApp Has Become Free Forever..

This news came from New Delhi after the Facebook held company noticed slower growth after the inception of 0.99 cents subscription fee post the first year of free usage, especially in the developing countries. Thus, WhatsApp is now completely free for lifetime.

Facebook Introduces 2G Tuesdays..

It was recently announced that Facebook will make its employees run their apps like Messenger & Facebook on a simulated 2G network for an hour on Tuesdays in order to give them a feel of what millions of people experience in emerging markets.

Tor Integrates Facebook To Allow..

As policymakers and technology beholders debate over curbing digital privacy to regulate cyber criminals, Tor Project partners with Facebook to allow their users more privacy and control while browsing Facebook over vulnerable networks.

About 110k Facebook users have..

About 110k Facebook users, have been infected by a Trojan virus that has been invading most of the popular social networks. The malware has spread as links to pornographic videos that already existed in some user accounts.

I Million Bounty & 2 Million..

Zerodium is a startup from VUPEN, infamous for buying and selling zero-day vulnerabilities. It recently is making rounds for launching the greatest ever bounty hunt for security flaws in iOS9.
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Facebook Wins Users' Privacy..

In 2012 plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against Facebook of allegedly tracking user activity and browser information even they were logged off from Facebook. It had breached the US Wire Tap Act and demanded a compensation of $15 billion.

Survival Island 3 Dubbed As..

Survival Island 3 depicts killing of native Australian's also known as aborigines which lead to massive uproar among users and more than 65,000 people signed a petition to take it down. Both Apple iTunes and Google Play store take down the app after condemning responses from users.

Internal Code Glitches in..

Users across the globe from Scandinavia to South Africa, India to Europe suffered performance glitches and outages, according to the technical stats on Twitter. It further resulted in a fall of Twitter shares by 7% in NYSE.

Facebook Is Soon To Release An..

In an attempt to create a complete ecosystem with its messaging app, Facebook is beta testing a full-blown web browser in its app for iOS and later for Android in a few months following it. It shall help users to visit sites without leaving the Facebook app.

Jay Z places bid in streaming..

Jay Z has placed a bid of fifty six million dollars for taking over Aspiro, a Scandinavian company. This company operates streaming music Tidal venture in US, Canada and UK as well as Wimp music service in certain European countries. He is definitely set

From Microsoft Garage, The..

Microsoft showcases its Project Oxford that leverage machine learning to simply track the user's habits and wakes them up when they are supposed to and keep them up by an awesome playful strategy. This app is available for Android users, as of now.

Spotify App Arrives on..

The first ever console app was launched on 29 March 2015 by the popular music streaming service called Spotify and the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 console users are the first beneficiaries of this Spotify console app. The name of this Spotify console

Microsoft Has Made Skype A..

If there's anything detrimental to communication, it's the language gap between places. Now, Skype, that launched an inbuilt translator in 2014, in beta, has been fully released for Windows PC users. The messaging app has seen a 400% increase in

Playful Could Be The Next..

Playful Corp is leading the path for bringing virtual reality games to devices such as Oculus, PlayStation VR and many more. Their first game designed especially for the 3D VR platform Lucky’s Tale has raised $25 million in latest series of funding.

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