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WhatsApp Has Become Free Forever..

This news came from New Delhi after the Facebook held company noticed slower growth after the inception of 0.99 cents subscription fee post the first year of free usage, especially in the developing countries. Thus, WhatsApp is now completely free for lifetime.

Gamer Hotels Coming Up In..

A new bunch of categories has to be added among hotels and lodging finder websites as a niche called "gamer hotels" is rapidly creeping up the metropolis in Amsterdam. The Arcade Hotel is the first one of its kind, started in Amsterdam, Netherland.

Playful Could Be The Next..

Playful Corp is leading the path for bringing virtual reality games to devices such as Oculus, PlayStation VR and many more. Their first game designed especially for the 3D VR platform Lucky’s Tale has raised $25 million in latest series of funding.

Secure Messenger Service By..

Truecaller is a Scandinavian firm that makes security apps for Android. In a thanks giving gesture, it has launched another security and alert system for SMS to identify the sender and block spams, first in India. It will be released for other countries a

Pull Up Your Socks For The..

It has been 25 years since one of the most popular games "Solitaire" was born. It first came with the Windows 3.0 release in 1990 and has been an integrated part of the Windows operating system since. Today, Microsoft is celebrating it with a worldwide co

Spotify App Arrives on..

The first ever console app was launched on 29 March 2015 by the popular music streaming service called Spotify and the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 console users are the first beneficiaries of this Spotify console app. The name of this Spotify console

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